Box-type fixed ring high-voltage switchgear/fixed metal-sealed switchgear metal-clad switchgear for transformers

Company Introduction:Dehler Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in producing high and low voltage switchgear, box type substation, cable branch box, outdoor vacuum circuit breaker, isolation switch, grounding

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Company Introduction:

Dehler Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in producing high and low voltage switchgear, box type substation, cable branch box, outdoor vacuum circuit breaker, isolation switch, grounding switch, load switch and low voltage components and other products.

HXGN17-12 Metalclad AC Indoor Enclosed Switchgear

 1. General Description
1.1 Application: In the power system of 3.6  to 40.5kV, for control, protection and monitoring.VCBs produced
By DEHLER or VCBs produced by other manufactures could be installed in the switchgear panel.
1.2 Standards : IEC 62271-200
1.3 Parameters: Rated voltage: 3.6V
1.4 Rated current: 630-5000A 
1.5 Rated short-circuit breaking current: 16kA
Box-Type Fixed Ring High-Voltage Switchgear/Fixed Metal Sealed Switchgear Metal Clad Switchgear for Transformer
2.1.Compact design
2.2.Easy operation and installation
2.3.Reliable interlock
2.4.Less Maintenance
3.Technical Data
3.1Rated voltagekV3.6,7.2,12,24,40.5
3.2Rated current of circuit breakerA630,1250,1600,2000,2500,3150,4000,5000
Rated current of switchgearA630,1250,1600,2000,2500,3150,4000,5000
3.3Rated frequencyHz50
Rated short-circuit breaking currentkA16,20,25,31.5,40,50
Rated short-time withstand currentkA16,20,25,31.5,40,50
Rated short circuit continuous times4
3.5Rated peak withstand currentkA40,50,63,80,100,125
Rated short-circuit closing current(peak)kA40,50,63,80,100,125
3.6Rated insulation level: 1min power frequency withstand voltagekV24,32,42 between poles, pole to earth
kV24,32,48 between open contacts
3.7Rated insulation level: Lighting impulse withstand voltage(peak)kV40,60,75 between poles, pole to earth
kV46,70,85 between open contacts
3.8Rated power frequency withstand voltagekV95/1min
3.9Protection levelSwitchgear shell IP3X
Compartments(door opened) IP2X when the CPT and CB doors are open.

Note: 1.The short circuit capacity of the current transformer should be separately considered.
       2. See technical parameters of ZN63A(VS1)-12 in related product of our company.
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The other switchgear (from 0.4KV to 33KV)We can OEM , ODM for you.)


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