When using a generator, here are some things to keep in mind to keep the peace with neighbours | Northcliff Melville Times

2023-03-10 09:47:09 By : Ms. Monica Zeng

Councillors Tim Truluck (Ward 117) and Nicolene Jonker (Ward 88) have some tips to keep in mind when using a generator during load-shedding.

With no end in sight to load-shedding and the use of generators on the rise, it is important to ensure their use is not unduly disturbing the peace or safety of not only yourself but those around you.

Jonker said, “There are steps that must be taken to keep the peace, literally for those around you.”

Below are some steps you can take to lessen the disturbance of others:

If needed, buy a cover for your generator or place it in an outbuilding that you can soundproof.

If a neighbour is complaining about the sound, move it elsewhere on your property.

If your neighbour is not complying, you can report them to Environmental Health via email. In Ward 88 contact Ernest Chauke at [email protected]

Ensure you do not run the generator in an enclosed space, especially inside a room. There are many cases of families dying from carbon monoxide poisoning.

JMPD – an overview of responsibilities

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